Take a step to think what it would be like to double your sales within a few months, while spending more or less the same or perhaps a little less on your marketing? We can do that for you. There is no Alchemy, getting a return on your marketing investment is about providing value for your customers it is not about counting clicks.

Modafirma Digital takes an alternative approach to marketing and growth hacking, we don’t follow the rules to the T but rather focus on responding offering value, understanding pain points and solving problems for customers at a given time. We are a disruptive digital strategy and growth agency that helps companies to achieve scalable growth by providing an out of the box personalised and planed approach to sales and marketing that will help to increase your customer acquisition, customer life time value and ultimately revenue in the longer run term.


Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-Minute Strategy Session Call ($1,000 Value) that could easily generate upwards of $250,000 in sales for your company. You’ll be getting a fully bespoke breakdown of our system for to skyrocket your growth in the longer term.

Who We Are

Modafirma Digital was created by digital technology entrepreneurs who understand the fast changing digital landscape and the nuances of a brand communicated its ethos and growing businesses online. The company was established by the founders of Modafirma an award winning digital technology marketplace for fashion and marketing that allows brands with an ethical focus and corporate social responsibility to locate, advertise and sell directly to consumers globally. In 2018 Modafirma and its founders were the declared the 1st runner up UK Technology founders of the of the year in two categories for advertising and marketing technology (Ad Tech) as well as E-commerce at the prestigious BMW i Technology Awards. The company has also been shortlisted for several Drapers awards.

We Are Entrepreneurs

We have built several digital technology platforms and companies from scratch and so we can fully relate to your pain points. We have learned, pivoted many times, garnered insights from the mistakes we made so you don’t have to. When you collaborate with us we will immediately point out the do’s and don’ts of various marketing campaigns, operational processes. We will help you navigate and identify the issues you may face along the way. From us you will get real life advice from seasoned professionals not just book talk. This will help you grow and scale your business more effectively.

Marketing Metrics

We will create a strategic structured plan of action, product market fit, to launch your digital marketing campaigns, from analysis of your current approach to identifying gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities that have been missed. We will support this with data collected and use this to run your campaigns effectively.

We Take a Personalised Approach and Dive into the Fundamentals of Your Business

We have been there and we know that an idea is just a thought without execution. We are a team of multi-qualified individuals with backgrounds in digital marketing, operations, sales, entrepreneurship and finance. We are a network of strategists, creators, storytellers, entrepreneurs, designers and builders that will analyse your business and work directly with you to conceive your idea and develop a bespoke growth strategy that will help to provide solutions and scale your business. We work with a variety of brands at different levels of the game. From emerging startups, growing companies, multinational companies and everything in between. Doesn’t matter what your sector is we can help.


We generate qualified leads and drive traffic to your website.

  • We drive targeted traffic that are in hunter mode and are highly interested in your product
  • We increase sales conversion by employing bespoke tactics that will lead your visitors to convert
  • We re-target visitors by using ads that will follow them around the internet
  • We engage and support your customers with added value and and automated system that will make your website run like clockwork

Our Service Packages

The Blueprint

You are an operating company with big plans and ideas, but you are stuck, you lack the structure and data insights, resources to take your company to the next level. This is where we can help.

Seedbase Operation

We offer several personalised services for you or your company. These can work well together or independently to get you off the ground or implement your idea
These include but are not limited to, building of websites, tech platforms, campaigns strategies, creation of corporate packs for funding

Scale your Online Business

Scale your Online business: The perfect approach for any online business that generates consistent revenue but is not really scaling fast enough. Not ready to commit to a long-term relationship? We can still start dating.

Startup and Scale

Modafirma Digital will help you “startup and scale” without venture funding. You want to launch your business, you have ideas but you simply do not know how to start, how to get funding, what resources you need, how to get seen and launch your brand. You want to launch but need help.

Brands We Have Worked With

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