10 of The Best SEO Blogs to Follow

Search engine optimisation is a constantly changing landscape. Search engine optimisation is now leveraging different areas of technology to yield results such as: aspects of Geo localisation, page authority, click through rates and voice search like mediums. Whatever methodology is being used, it is imperative that any online digital business utilises and stays adept with these techniques to maintain their competitive edge. Here is a list of blogs we recommend following to garner ideas and learn the latest tips

1. The Moz Blog

This is the go-to place for SEO solutions and how to rank your website articles. Regularly updated articles are featured to help expand your SEO know how.

Literally “an SEO blog a day”

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is fast becoming the guru of digital marketing; he truly helps, and we can testify to it. We used several of his recommended techniques to rank various websites at #1 on google as well as increasing traffic. The blog offers valuable content and awesome videos. Neil Patel and his team of marketers truly rock.

3. SEMrush Blog

SEMrush’s blog offers recent insights about SEO trends, advice and gives free advice on everything range from app development, social media, search engine optimisation, voice search and new cutting etch SEO technologies. In a nutshell, it is a “must read”.

4. Yoast

Yoast is a website that offers training and website integration for those who wish to learn how to optimise and rank their websites. The blog is an easy to read station on how to improve SEO and user experience overall. Highly recommended.

5. Google Webmaster Central Blog

It is a no brainer. When working in the digital marketing industry, you need to keep pace with any new SEO changes and what search engines are doing. Google Webmasters blog will give search marketers insights into changes and updates that are taking place on Google. Our opinion is it is not only a must read but a necessity.

6. Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is essential and imperative for SEO Success. The content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a place for content marketers to learn and share insights on SEO, Social media and so much more.

7. DailySEOBlog

Need an SEO tip per day? Then this is the site for you, offering you tips to help boost and launch your SEO strategy.

8. SEO Book

If you want to gain insight and general reviews about the latest SEO tools, innovation and changes out there, then this is the blog to read.

9. Distilled Blog

This blog provides powerful insights across the digital marketing landscape in general, with SEO being at the helm of its conversations. Excellent source for learning how to.

10. Search Engine Journal

This blog covers anything and everything from the latest changes in algorithms, google search, publication of recent journals, digital marketing strategy and various tactics that are being used in the industry. Want help with your research then this is the blog to follow.