About Us

We Believe People Are Media Companies

ModaFluence is a leading self- service digital Marketing, influencer and content creation technology platform.

At ModaFluence we believe that “people are media companies” who can use their creativity to generate authentic brand stories via social media campaigns, video content marketing and royalty free brand content that reaches and resonates with not only Gen Z and Millennials but masses of people globally.

What Do We Do?

We simply allow brands to work directly with some of the best digital marketing content creators and carefully selected micro-influencers on the planet. Allowing you as a brand to leverage global creativity and viral marketing in a matter of minutes.

ModaFluence was built by creators for creators, entrepreneurs and dedicated team of young ad techies. The platform was established by Angela Ene the founder of Modafirma an award winning leading technology marketplace for digital Marketing and fashion technology that works directly with over a 100+ established and independent retail brands. The idea for ModaFluence was born out of the fact that many of the current Modafirma brand partners frequently request marketing campaigns that leverage real time engagement, data insights and feedback from targeted global audiences at scale. Leveraging her experience within this area she decided to build out a frictionless platform that enabled brands to do just that themselves.
In 2018 Angela was selected as 1st runner up UK Technology founder of the year at the BMW i Technology awards in the categories of Advertising technology, Marketing Technology and E-commerce.


Our goal is to enable brands to reach out to aligned content creators and carefully selected micro-influencers that can generate real time authentic engagement and create a viable return on brand marketing investment. How does it work? The brand sets the price the influencer or content creator places a bid; you agree to work together or not to work together. Voila that’s it! We want to give brands high quality content, make digital marketing and influencer campaigns simple, easy and accessible to all.

Our Mission is to not only to leverage mass engagement, but to connect brands with Gen Z, Millennials and all those that dictate a brands relevance in the digital technology space and to unlock global creativity with just a few clicks.

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