About Us

Modafirma Digital is an award winning Digital, marketing, communications and growth hack Agency. We are disrupting the traditional marketing model to create a customised strategy that is tailored to meet your company’s long term goals.

Our journey has been exciting and it began 7 years ago as a team of successful startup entrepreneurs, growth and software engineers focused on building a digital global marketplace for brands and now via our on the job insights, experience, growth and recognition we have decided to show brands just like yourselves “how we did it”. We are a Digital agency founded by digital entrepreneurs that actually built digital technology companies.

Our team has years of experience working with some of the best brands in the world. Identifying opportunities, execution and scaling businesses from funded startups, established and emerging brands. Unlike traditional digital agencies that apply a “one hat fits” all approach, we will work directly with you to apply an “out of the box thinking” personalised approach that we enable your company to focus on what its good at. We will never force you to accept overpriced unwarranted media that will impede growth. With our unique approach you will come to see our partnership as a viable return on investment rather than an expense.

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