How to Launch Your First Marketing Campaign

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Launching your first product or service marketing campaign will seem a bit daunting, nonetheless it will all be worthwhile when viable leads start coming in. There are many options that are available today, we have detailed a few steps that will get you on your way. When we are embarking on bringing a product to market there are a number of simple questions we have in mind. These are the basic Who, Where, How, Result?

Who are the target market?
Where are they residing? Where do they hang out? Where can you find them?
How do you reach them? How do you convince them to take an interest in your product or service? Results wanted beyond the obvious sale conversion? These four initial points are essential and need to be nailed prior to even launch and creation of a given product or service. Once these factors are known the process should then revolve around how to create innovative methods to push each potential customer through the sales funnel up the value ladder and keep them coming back for for more. Once these points are covered and you have created your product or service a marketing strategy to launch the product needs to be planned.

Brand awareness

Create excitement around your brand via social media and leverage micro-influencers who can generally share your product or service with their audience. Choose micro-influencers that relevant to your field. Head to PeopleFluence is a self-serve digital platform that allows brands to find and connect with the right micro-influencer and digital content creators who can publicise and create branded content and to share with their audiences.

Blog Blog Blog.

Share the love on your blog. Link out and mention key bloggers in a similar niche and kindly ask them to share your content to get valuable backlinks. A simple Hi, I really love your blog and I am an avid fan of your content/ products we recently featured you in our blog about XYZ . Could you kindly share this? We would love to send you some our our products for your to review, how can we send it to you? On average about 40% will reciprocate, share your content and also review your product on their blog posts if you send it to them


If you have recently launched an ecommerce product one of the best ways to get well needed traffic and to create a furore around your brand is by gifting. Make a list of the top magazine Journalists and editors within your field, reach out to them and send them a gift with product information. Follow up with an email later on to ask what they thought about your product and if they could feature one of your products in their publication or simply to give an expert opinion which you could then feature in your blog.


Research has shown that most unique purchases are made when there are reviews, ratings and testimonials. This needs to be embedded within your sales funnel process. Incentivise customers to share a revive after they purchase your product or service. Not only are you generating user generated content but you are creating organic exposure for your brand and raising your brand awareness of your products

Referral programs

Create a referral programme that rewards both the referrer and referee with a % discount or cash off (proven to work best). Promote these programmes on your website and also social media platforms to get the word out and drive traffic.

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