You have big plans and ideas, but you are stuck, you lack the structure and data insights, resources to take your company to the next level. This is where we can help.

Timeframe: 3 days consultancy

Team Size : 1-2 team members


We will embark on a 3-day analysis of your company to get to grips and understand your current marketing strategy. We will then build a step by step growth and digital marketing plan to fit around your business requirements. Within this period, we will assess what you are doing wrong, we will look at your competition’s strategy, your budget and further down to creative concepts, metrics and ROI goals. We can then establish a roadmap that you can start implementing for your success. We will then give you a tailored report for your business to start propelling your business up the value ladder.


  • 3-day deep dive with Modafirma Digital and your team
  • Identification the pain points, competition and target market
  • Review CRM, lead generation, email marketing tools, operation system, website traffic, SEO and all ongoing marketing and sales initiatives
  • Deliver a strategy and execution road map to be implemented by your teams

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