Seedbase Operation

We offer several personalised services for you or your company. These can work well together or independently to get you off the ground or implement your idea These include but are not limited to, building of websites, tech platforms, campaigns strategies, creation of corporate packs for funding

Timeframe: To implement any one of these strategies we will require a minimum commitment of 2-6 months

Team Size: 3-5 team members

Website Design and Creation

Regardless what type of business you are in, we will design and engineer the best and most optimised website for you. This is often purchased with marketing automation

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a sure fire way to increase overall performance. We work closely with advertisers and brands to plan, architect and execute powerful affiliate marketing programmes that drive growth and revenue. We forge influential relationships with publishers who can get your brand out there, affiliate networks and technology partners to ensure the most cutting edge Affiliate Marketing strategies for our clients. For this we charge a fixed monthly management fee exclusive of your affiliate commission costs and fees.

Lead Generation Strategy and Setup

We all know that leads are pivotal to any business, right? Are you constantly short on leads? Modafirma Digital will work with you to build a robust lead machine that will drive the cost of a lead down and will increase your ROI.

Brand Promotion and PR

Depending on what your product is we will work with the right mediums to communicate your brand story, get as many eyes on your product or service and get the right aligned exposure for your brand.

Mini Digital Campaign and Execution

Modafirma Digital will launch or iron out any kinks in your current digital campaign. From creative strategy, to tailoring the right message to your consumer, we will create a digital campaign that will take the consumer from top of the funnel to a close. We have a minimum spend for all digital media campaigns

Content Creation / Video Production

We all know content is king! The more eyes that see your content the faster your brand will grow. We will build a creative strategy to communicate tailored messages to your consumers via imagery, design or videos. Includes one 1-2-minute video, three 15 second cuts, and a photo bank for future social media campaigns.

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